25 May, 2015. 12:00

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott has dismissed the idea of a referendum on same-sex marriage in Australia, after Ireland voted in favour of amending the country’s constitution on the issue. 

Mr Abbott says that the shirt-lifting community were lucky enough to have the opportunity to vote during Eurovision – and that letting them vote on real issues like the sanctity of marriage – was taking things too far.

All of Ireland’s 43 constituencies except one voted in favour of the new gay marriage measure, with the final figures showing 62 per cent of votes in favour of the change and 38 per cent against.

Tony Abbott drinking beer with non-gays
Tony Abbott drinking real beer with non-gays. The PM says only gays and women enjoy beer from a clear bottle. PHOTO: R.Ferguson/NewsPBL

“Questions of marriage are the preserve of the Commonwealth Parliament… Referendums are held in this country where there’s a proposal to change the constitution,”

“I don’t think anyone is suggesting the constitution needs to be changed in this respect – Gays don’t like voting anyway”

Said Abbott, making a clear reference to Gay Australia’s dismal voting efforts during the weekend’s international broadcast of Eurovision.

“Here we have a cool, sexy and handsome guy representing gay Australia in the gay music olympics and he doesn’t even win the premiership.”

“The queers have proven that they aren’t too good at voting. Letting them vote against my view of marriage is a bit ambitious don’t ya reckon?”

This year, Australia participated in the Eurovision Song Contest  in Vienna, Austria. Owing to its cultural and political ties to European countries, the Eurovision Song Contest has been televised in Australia by the public broadcaster SBS for over thirty years.

In honour of the contest’s 60th year and in recognition of the event’s popularity in Australia, former voting icon, Australian Idol star Guy Sebastian was sent to represent our gays. 

The gays in Ireland weren't messing around. Several of them have already gotten gay-married.
The gays in Ireland weren’t messing around. Several of them have already gotten gay-married.


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