Local man, Jai Smyth has just paid for a beer with a green one hundred dollar note, which means he may as well be a drug dealer, it has been confirmed.

It is believed that during the point-of-sale for a $6 schooner of Betoota Bitter, Jai whipped out a portrait of Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson, with a background of a mountain range with a geological strata format, leaving the entire pub wondering what the fuck he does for a living.

“I was at the casino last night” he says, in an attempt to explain why he was carrying one of the lowest circulating forms of note currency in Australia.

“Yeah. Sure you were” says the bartender, Brett, who doesn’t really care where the money comes from, so long as some of it goes over the bar and the rest goes in the pokies.

“Nah I was. Deadset. Had a big win” insists Jai, before putting himself in the cross-hair of jealous regulars.

“Well it’s your shout then, mate” screams Bodie, one of the more overweight men in the TAB.

After several other flippant remarks from older punters, Jai responds with quite an intimidating comeback.

“I’d be careful if I were you lot”

The entire pub goes silent and Jai heads out back to launder money through the More Chillis poker machine.


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