Australia’s Minister For Immigration, Peter Dutton MP, has warned that a Syrian refugee who graduated as dux of one of Australia’s largest secondary Catholic schools, is in good stead to start taking Aussie jobs.

In 2013, Saad Al-Kassab and his family managed to escape the bloody civil war in Syria which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, celebrated as dux of Catholic Regional College Sydenham, in Melbourne’s north-west, after earning an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 96.65

While being encouraged to say something controversial on Sky News with Paul Murray, the former Brisbane-traffic-cop-turned-federal-cabinet-minister said that while Saad is ‘apparently’ not illiterate and inumerate either of his languages, he will soon become another example of an Australian job being taken from an Australian.

“I’ve said it before. These people will be taking Australian jobs. There’s no question about that.

“For many of them that would be unemployed, they would languish in unemployment queues and on Medicare and the rest of it. So there would be huge cost and there’s no sense in sugar-coating that, that’s the scenario”

“Why should this kid be allowed to take a perfectly good job in the Australian medicine sector when there are perfectly-Australian-born people getting nearly as good ATAR scores?”

“We need to look after our own first. There’s a reason why our Aussie kids aren’t getting scores as good as this young man. It’s because refugee students are taking up all the good teaching”


  1. What a disgusting specimen of humanity is our Minister for Immigration. Does the government of the day deliberately select heartless, indifferent individuals for a job in which compassion and understanding would be essentials? I could weep for the backwardness of this country’s leaders if their collective repugnance of our multicultural nation were not so enraging. Shame on you, Minister!

  2. Yea verily Wizeowl! It’s “in” for sociopaths to be promoted – standard management practice in the APS for at least a couple of decades now. (Sigh – the New Cruelty.) Blaming everyone else for your own lack of ethics, imagination and competency i.e. “diversion”, especially when it’s the last over the drawbridge, earns Dutton the Social Darwinist Medal for 2016.


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