The three-times married South-African-Canadian-Californian billionaire Elon Musk has reportedly opened up today about his experiences as a ‘late bloomer’.

It is believed Musk’s well documented interests in both women and technology comes from the 2001 American tech-crime thriller, Swordfish.

Starring John Travolta, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman, the film centers on Stanley Jobson (Jackman), an ex-con and computer hacker who is targeted for recruitment into a bank robbery conspiracy because of his formidable hacking skills. After being persuaded by Halle Berry’s character, Ginger Knowles – the plot spins with explosions and technological inconsistencies.

It is believed that, until watching the film on an aeroplane flight in 2001, Tesla-founder Elon Musk was completely asexual and working at a Blockbuster Video store in Cape Town.

As many film buffs have written, the 27 minute mark of Swordfish reveals a full frame shot of Halle Berry’s bare breasts. It marked the first time they graced the silver screen.

“From that moment, something changed.” says Musk.

“Within a week I was drafting up plans for space travel and asking supermodels on dates”

“I realised how much I had been missing out on. I owe all of my success to Halle Berry, and that lady in the nightclub that gave Hugh Jackman a blowjob while he was hacking into top secret government files in front of John Travolta”

“It changed the way I looked at technology”


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