11 January, 2016 17:30


In what is commonly described as the “armpit of award ceremonies” – thousands of celebrities, some even A-listers, spent their evening watching a less credible list of hosts award less credible awards to the who’s who of Hollywood.

Less credible when compared to the Oscars, that is.

Despite the fact that the Golden Globes is universally-acknowledged to be a bit of joke, the eternal bridesmaid of the Oscars, Leonardo DiCaprio gave an acceptance speech that would suggest his Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in The Revenant was just as much of an honour as winning an Oscar would be. Something he has been denied on numerous occasions.

Speaking exclusively to The Betoota Advocate this afternoon, the ceremonies host, Ricky Gervais recalled running into Leonardo DiCaprio after shortly after his speech, only to find the 41-year-old trashing several catering tables backstage.

“He seemed a little frustrated. He was smashing all this plastic furniture with his Golden Globe,”

“I told him to be careful because he might break it. He turned to me with that iconic teary-eyed DiCaprio look and asked if I honestly thought he gave he fuck,”

“I told him to settle down and assured him that a Golden Globe isn’t that bad,”

“He told me I wouldn’t understand because I am no where near ‘his level’ – I thought it was fair enough,”

Tom Hardy, The Revenant co-star and close friend of DiCaprio, has spoken out following today’s ceremony.

“Leo’s just worried that maybe the Golden Globes wasn’t the best forum for his philanthropic, save-the-world kind of speech,” says Hardy, who went on to explain that Leo was “trying to pull a Brando” by taking the opportunity to acknowledge his support for the plight of America’s Native American population at an awards ceremony.

“He’s very upset that he has gone and wasted this speech on an event as low-brow as the Golden Globes. It would have made for a marvellous Oscar speech… Marlon Brando didn’t even turn up to accept his Oscar – and that was an amazing celebrity protest,”

“Leo’s coming to terms with the fact that the academy aren’t interested in giving him an Oscar in the first place. He’s worried he’ll never be remembered as a Brando,”


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