Local teenager, Sam Willesy (16) is fully prepared for the off-chance that he loses his virginity in the back row of the 7:30 pm screening of whatever movie looks like it will be in a quiet cinema.

Considering that he and his girlfriend of four days, Sophie, have already hooked up twice. Sam is making sure he has every based covered for when it’s time to cover every base.

After brushing his teeth two times and applying just a little bit more DAX hair wax to his scalp than usual, Sam begins applying the kryptonite for all teenage girls at his high school. Lynx Africa.

“I usually just put some on my wrist, neck, armpits and chest” he says while pouting at himself in front of the mirror he shares with his two sisters.

But tonight, he’s taking it a step further. Sam decides to spray the alcohol-based men’s deodarant onto his penis and testicles.

“It stings a little” he says.

“But it’ll be all good by the time we start… you know”

After one hour and forty-five minutes, Sam is heading out the door.

“Might end up back here later” he says.

“Hope mum and dad know the rule about the sock on the door handle [confidently smirks]”



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