A Donald Trump rally in Virginia took an interesting turn yesterday, after the Republican President took several bites out of a raw onion on stage, to the delight of his supporters.

While visiting southwestern Radford, Virginia, Trump praised rural voters by sampling local produce on stage.

“This is the greatest onion I have ever eaten!” shouted Trump.

“No Mexican could make an Onion this good! Damn it’s good!”

The New York billionaire’s comments were met with cheering and laughter, as he continued to pull funny faces and make disparaging remarks about hispanic farmers and the African American civil rights movement.

“All live matter, especially poor and uneducated people! That’s you guys. Let’s make America great again…”

As the President’s popularity begins to decline in the poorer states, political analysts say there are clear parallels between the demise of Donald Trump and the final days of Tony Abbott.

It is believe that the American President is now taking tips from former overthrown conservative leaders.

“The American media are slamming this man on all outlets. What the Guardian are doing for Donald Trump is very similar to what the ABC did for (former) Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott,” says Michael Shearer, a political columnist from Time Magazine.

“Not to mention the similarities in their campaigning. The anti-immigration fear-mongering, the petty cheap shots at rival politicians, the bizarre use of religion…”

“Believe it or not, Donald Trump is not the first politician to eat a raw onion on live television,”


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