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Sources close to actor Craig McLachlan have confirmed that the C-grade celebrity has begun making orchestrating a diplomatic immunity

As allegations continue to surface,  the Rocky Horror Show, Dr Blake and Neighbours star is reportedly concerned that criminal charges are only weeks or possibly days away.

A source who wanted to remain anonymous told us that “Craig is resigned to the fact that proceedings are going to be instigated as a result of all this shit that keeps mounting up”

“So, as a result of that, he has started making inquiries about where he can disappear to for a while.”

The Ecuadorian Embassy in the capital territory is reportedly McLachlan’s preferred destination at this point in time.

“Given the Ecuadorian governments history of taking in alleged Australian criminals, Craig thinks that Pindari crescent in Canberra could be a really good fit right now” the source said.

The upcoming departure of Julian Assange from the London embassy is set to bolster the chances of Australia’s worst ever stand up comic getting a cosy little bedroom in the ACT.

We contacted the Ecuadorian Government for comment but they refused to confirm or deny whether McLachlan would be granted asylum.

However they did assure us that Assange was on the way out.

“He is a pest. He watches hours of Rugby League highlights on Youtube and is always asking staff to play hallway cricket with him. We have had enough,” a staffer from the London Embassy said.


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