A local coward and so-called funny guy has today shown his hand as an indifferent and complacent sociopath that is completely fine with all the horrific things happening in the world.

34-year-old Lyle Filipovich has left audiences feeling sick to their stomach after debuting a new show that fails too once call-out Donald Trump or Australia’s own conservative policy-makers.

One spectator, Bridgette (28, South Betoota) says she actually got chills seeing this comic not take advantage of his platform to spruik his own progressive alternative to right-wing ideals.

“I just… I mean, I laughed heaps…” she says.

“I just thought he would use the opportunity, you know with a room full of people, to talk about some serious shit”

The comedian has been reviewed horribly for his homophobia and anti-migrant views – as the comedy scene turns against him for his visible lack of environmentalist-charged jokes and a kind of worrying lack of African-American vernacular used in a way to show solidarity with the LGBTIQ community.

“Say nothing about these horrific, unfunny, things that are happening in the world and it’s basically like you perpetrated them” said one vocal twitter commentator by the name of @WritersBlock22 who lists themself as a comedian but is yet to work up the courage to get on stage.

“In my personal opinion, his bit about his migrant mum’s staunch opposition to putting brown sugar on Weetbix lacked intersectionality and was actually quite scary. Like really oppressive. It’s almost like he doesn’t even know her”

“The same goes for the one about his dad being so obsessed with yard work”

“The whole thing made me uncomfortable. Like, why was he so focused on differentiating the genders between his parents. What is he saying? Only men can mow the lawn”

Lyle says his new show will now have to be reworked and admits his lack of inoffensive left-wing political jokes was a wildly misjudged decision from his end.

“I’ve apologised as much as I can, but people have decided I’m just the rapist homophobic racist guy from now on. I’m gonna have to work on some new stuff”

“I’m gonna spruce up my social media too. Less jokes and promotions about my gigs, more photos of love heart shaped clouds with paragraph-long captions criticising Peter Dutton for his militarisation of border force”


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