Instagram’s move to take the onus away from ‘likes’ is being described a game changer by many who use the app, but Australian festivalgoers say it’s a cruel decision that undermines an entire week spent in the Northern Rivers.

The new modification means users can no longer see how many likes other peoples’ photos have received, was implemented as a trial last weekend, right before the app was expected to be overflowed with photos of young people wearing bohemian designer labels in campsites across the Splendour In The Grass Music Festival.

With SITG becoming more and more of a premiere fashion show each year, it seems that the newest Instagram changes have rendered thousands of carefully curated photoshoots completely pointless.

As we approach the weekend after Splendour, today would usually mark the second wave of festival photos in the news feed under the caption ‘TAKE.ME.BACK #Splendour #Flashback.

However, the changes to the social media platform now means that thousands of photos are facing mass-deletion instead.

One Brisbane-based nouveau-flower child, Allie Ocean (19) says if she had known Instagram was going to remove the self-validation feature, she wouldn’t have have gone and spent $4000 on outfits and tickets.

“I missed Thelma Plum because I needed to get my twin-braid perfect for the sunset shot in the amphitheatre! And now Instagram are telling me that other people can’t even see how many people think I look hot in these photos?”

Allie says the photos she took are now doing nothing but taking up space on her phone.

“What am I going to do with these pictures now?” she spat.

“Show my mum?”


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