18 May, 2016 14:45


SBS documentary Struggle Street has been refused permits to film a second season in Inala, with Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk warning that if he hears one whisper about the ‘wog broadcaster’ floating around South-West Brisbane, he’ll have to ‘dust someone off’.

“I don’t know how you mob were allowed to do what you did in Mount Druitt, but if you tried that shit on here, I’d be personally pulling up to cave some heads in”

“Unless you wanna have a go, I’d keep clear of this place, brah”

The first series, which was filmed around the western Sydney suburb, led to accusations that SBS was promoting “poverty porn”

“Having viewed Struggle Street and having observed the way in which Mt Druitt’s reputation was damaged in the so-called name of shining a light on social and economic disadvantage, I have come to the view that I will not co-operate with the process and production of a film that could similarly cause damage to reputation both to the suburb and to the people of Inala.”

Cr Quirk said the council was powerless to prevent producers going ahead with the production on residents’ private properties, but was confident that the Inala residents were capable of ‘getting down’ if they had to.

“Don’t go stirring shit, brah” said the incumbent Lord Mayor.

“Unless you are ready to gee-oh, keep your cameras the fuck out of here,”

“We all know what SBS stands for anyway, sex, boobs, soccer. Stick to the special late night movies ya dogs,”



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