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Ben Kibota (29) is a bright middle-aged man currently climbing his way up the ladder at one of Betoota’s top law firms, his successes have earnt him an enviable reputation, with each one of his colleagues attesting to his intelligence and tenacity. However, it seems that Ben’s girlfriend, Josie, doesn’t get to see the same side of him, stating to our reporters that it’s like he “loses all cognitive ability the moment he walks in the door.”

Particularly when she asks for help with ‘her chores’ as Ben calls them; general house hold tasks like washing dishes, putting clothes away and making the bed.

“Babe, can you give me a hand to make the bed that we both sleep in?” Asked Josie with blatant passive aggression.

“Oh yeah, I spose. You’re so good at it though” remarked Ben, already trying to get out of the task.

According to Josie, ben has tried all number of tactics to get out of helping her with household chores – chores that are the result of the two of them living together.

“Well he just plain refuses to learn how to do a hospital corner, which is baffling because all his work friends say how eager to learn he is” snapped Josie.

“Or, he just doesn’t make an effort and I have to redo it anyway! It’s like he doesn’t understand that we both sleep in the bed, so we should both make it”

The Advocate is yet to confirm the status of the couple’s bed, but if Josie’s earlier passive aggressive behaviour is anything to go by, we suspect there will be only one side of the bed made.

More to come.


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