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Maverick North Queensland MP Bob Katter has drastically changed his stance on same-sex marriage after being ‘seriously moved’ by Seattle rapper Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ at the 2017 NRL Grand Final pre-match show.

Macklemore wowed everyone from Johnathan Thurston to a packed ANZ Stadium as he song a song about gay blokes and lesos wanting to get married like other people who aren’t gay or lesbos.

Thurston was seen giving the iconic hottest 100 icon a low five and grin as he left his dressing room and headed on stage at ANZ Stadium to sing four songs that most rugby league players have never heard before.

“It really made me realise that this whole gay marriage thing is a bit of storm in a teapot” said Mr Katter.

“There are much bigger issues, I know that. But with Elton John touring Cairns tonight, it made me realise that gays are normal people that contribute to society just like those beautiful men in grey and navy”

“To see that man up there, singing that song, in front of the Provan-Summons trophy. It made me realise there is not much difference between mateship and marriage equality. We all just want the best for our mates”

“Up the Cowboys!”

“I think Macklemore just put the ‘Queen’ back into North Queensland”



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