A man who just tore open some old wounds while talking to someone he hasn’t seen in a while, is now currently backpedaling from his comments – while also trying to ignore a smartarse mate jeering at him from the side.

The Betoota local, Kel, initially fucked up when he asked a mutual friend how her husband was going, before immediately remembering that they broke up after she caught him rooting around with a few people, including the babysitter.

“Oh sorry, Sal. I completely forgot”

Things are only made worse by this comment, after he remembers that Sal was the name of the babysitter.

“Sorry, what did you just say?” asks the woman, who’s real name is Sarah.

“What?” he says.

“Did you just call me Sal?” she asks

“No I said pal”

Sarah knows what he’s said.

“Seems like a weird circumstance to use the word pal” she says.

At this point it is quite clear to the six or so people that have witnessed this social train wreck that Kel is not going to be able to dig out of it.

His friend Marty, who is standing behind Sarah is beginning to pull faces.

“oooohhh” he mouths in silence.

“Before mimicking the actions of oral sex, a direct reference to the fact that Sarah’s husband had been caught getting a blowjob.”

Kel tries his best to keep a straight face, by scrunching his brow and nodding furiously – however, Marty who is now mimicking a deep throat action can no longer be ignored – and is starting to worry that his need to break into laughter is outweighing the amount of respect he has for the stranger he is talking to.

Kel is then forced to break into a fit of hyeena chants before breaking into a light sprint with his head down. He hopes to never see Sarah again.


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