With both Skippy Easter and Greek Easter falling on the same weekend this year, local man Sean Innes (28) has been able to take in the best of both worlds: absolutely unhinged consumption of Cadbury chocolate eggs, and peer-pressue from the in-laws to continue eating lemon potato and lamb until he feels like he is going to be sick.

Sean is going out with a Greek girl. That means this year he was invited to Greek Easter.

While both celebrations are based around family celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, The Greek Orthodox Church does not always celebrate on the same date as the rest of Australia. The is because the Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar when calculating Easter.

However this year, both those dates fall on the same weekend. This means that furious Greeks across the country have been forced to buy chocolate eggs at full cost price – without the week or two post-Easter discount that they are used to.

Sean’s girlfriend, Lisa says that she’s usually quite vigiliant about what her dumbarse boyfriend puts in his body – but even she acknowledges that it is out of both their hands come Easter time.

“My yaiyai made him come into the kitchen with her so she could fill his plate”

“He’d be about 20 kilos overweight as it is and she still thinks he’s not eating enough”

“I saw him eat 18 dolmades yesterday. That doesn’t even include the spinach pastries”

With the scales tipping at least another 5-10 kegs this week, Sean says it’s going to be a much tougher health kick than usual.

“I usually have a fortnight, or even a month, between Easters. I can usually throw a bit of a health regime in the middle”

“But to cop all of my family’s seafood and chocolate, and all of the misso’s family’s lamb and carbs…”

“I’m really in quite bad shape”


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