A high-income loner currently piping into random conversations at a local beer garden has apparently flown back in from the mines, aye.

This is as much info that has been offered to the regulars who have sparked interest in the jovial newcomer, whose name is apparently Dane or Dave – something like that.

While there is yet no real explanation as to what mine he has come from, and why he has flown from that mine to this particular town – one thing that is clear is that he doesn’t mind this joint.

“Not a bad spot aye” says Dane (or Dave).

“I’m not from here. Nah. But, yeah I’ve just flown in from the mines, aye” he says, for the third time.

This sunburnt bloke’s chirpy demeanour had initially caused several of the younger fellas in the pub to question whether or not he was an undercover cop.

However, after a steady stream of eight to nine schooners, it became clear that he’s simply an employee of the resources sector – who hasn’t had a stimulating conversation for the best part of a month.

After an afternoon of perseverance, the joyful FIFO has eventually found himself integrated into a table full of locals, who are hanging on to his every word about deep sea spear fishing.

His glorious ascension to MVP has seen him offered tips on both good feeds in the local area and secret fishing spots.

“Not a bad spot this one” he reiterates, after shouting the bar for the third time.


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