Leader of the opposition, Bill Shorten has today unveiled a bold new campaign strategy, aimed at winning over youth voters heading into the next election which could be at any moment.

Despite not offering much of a point of difference when it comes to housing affordability, environmentalism, NBN or other things that concern a vast majority of people under the ages of 40, the ALP leader is hoping to reach younger Australian voters where they spend most of their time – on the social media platform known as Bebo.

Originally founded in 2005 as a social media platform aimed at outer suburban teenagers in Ireland and Australia, Bebo was arguably a precursor to the Myspace phenomenon in Australia, but eventually was cannibalised by Facebook and later Instagram – who now dominate the landscape.

However, according to his youth-ish advisors, Labor leader Bill Shorten still can reach a large number of Australian youth through the Bebo network, where he will attempt at ‘adding’ as many of them as possible, and then converse with them via his blog.

“Gone are the days of door knocking” says one staffer.

“People are online now. Bebo, MSN Space, Hotmail. This is where the next generation of Australians spend all their time”




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