21 June, 2016 13:40


Former frontman of Powderfinger, Bernard Fanning, and Queensland rugby league icon Wally Lewis are the latest high-profile Queenslanders to lend their support to the growing “Quexit” movement – it has been confirmed.

Speaking to fellow ‘Quexit’ ambassador, Karl Stefanovic, on the Channel Nine TODAY show this morning, both men (dressed in knee-length shorts and boat shoes) announced their loyalty to the Queensland secession – something that Mr Lewis says has been close to his heart for many years.

“Its less about the money our state loses to Canberra and Sydney – it’s more about retaining and restoring the unique culture and identity built here in the tropics,” said the former Brisbane Broncos captain.

“I’m supporting the Quexit for my children and grandchildren. The North will rise again,”

Withdrawal of Queensland from the federate states of Australia, often shortened to Quexit (a portmanteau combining the words “Queensland” and “exit”), is a political goal that has been pursued by various individuals, advocacy groups, and political parties since the Maroons’ record-breaking eight-year streak in the State Of Origin.

Karl Stefanovic hosts his weekly 'Quexit' special on the TODAY Show this morning
Karl Stefanovic hosts his weekly ‘Quexit’ special on the TODAY Show this morning

The Quexit’s popularity has seen an increase since the 2015 Libspill that saw our nation’s leadership change hands from a rich white man from Sydney’s affluent northern suburbs to a rich white man from Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs.

“Why should we bow to this Southern Greed?” spat Bernard Fanning, while readjusting the biro pen inside a top pocket of his thin cotton short-sleeved polo shirt.

“We have our own industry, we have our own culture, arts… Our own language, fuck ya”

While Fanning says politics plays a big part in the movement, a lot of the conversation is surrounding sport.

“If I see another Mackay Cutters player end up playing rugby league in Bondi… I’ll be calling for a Royal Commission!”

“Or all those Logan boys playing in the ACT… It’s a national disgrace. We demand our own borders, our own laws. Give it back to us or we will take it!”

The interview ended with a stirring duet of Powderfinger’s ‘Sunsets’ by both Lewis and Fanning – a song that has been proposed by advocacy bodies as the official Queensland National Anthem.

Former Premier Campbell Newman and North Queensland MP Bob Katter are also outspoken advocates for the Quexit. In an interview with 4BC talkback last week, Campbell Newman declared that should Queensland secede, he would push for Wally Lewis to hold position as Queensland monarch.

“He always was, and always will be the King,” said Newman.


  1. Sounds like a piss weak argument to me. And what if NSW wanted to break away? What are we gonna call that? Nswexit? That sounds shithouse so that wont happen. Vexit for VIC?? Maybe. NT would be a NTexit, WA would be a Wexit….hmmm still pretty stuuuupid. But. If SA wantef to break off the continent then is that a Sexit? Thats more like it…yeah.

  2. It’s the other way mayte, Australia should be leaving Queensland, for too long we’ve been at her mercy, we need to stand on our own two feet & move forward. Burn them all.

  3. Queensland is already a United States of America corporation in their Securities and Exchange Commission, so a “succession” would be redundant.

  4. I laughed so hard reading this, Well done.

    On a serious note if Queensland was too “Quexit” I vote it keeps the title Australia as it will be the other states that loose their cultural identity to foreigners and foreign interests through the weapons of political correctness, social media, #activism and “education” brainwashing the population into feeling guilty of wanting to protect their national identity and culture.


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