Australian Deputy Prime Minister and dual-Kiwi-citizen Barnaby Joyce has refused to comment on whether or not he will be leading the All Blacks Kapa O Panga before this weekend’s Bledisloe match against the Wallabies.

However, speculation remains after the Member for New England and thirteen year veteran of federal politics was seen in the Maroubra Police Citizen Youth Club polishing up on his haka with other local Kiwi kids.

The South-East Sydney suburbs of Maroubra and Bondi have for many years been synonomous with New Zealand migration, and as local residents run programs to maintain links to Kiwi culture, Mr Joyce has asked if he can join in for a refresher course.

National Party staffers close to Mr Joyce say that the Deputy PM has been able to find at least a few positives in this week’s revelations surrounding his dual-citizenship.

“Firstly, I think he is excited to finally support a winning rugby team” said one advisor.

“Albies, the Waratahs, The Wallabies. His usual teams having been doing much for him”

“At least now he can claim the Highlanders and The ABs”

It is also believed that Mr Joyce is relishing in the fact that, if he felt the need to marry a bloke, he would be able to do so – under New Zealand law.

Barnaby’s visit to the PCYC is just one of many other obscure activities he has been spotted doing this weekend, as his true Kiwi heritage begins to shine through.

A venue owner in the South Brisbane suburb of Logan has today leaked photos of the Deputy PM drinking a long neck of New Zealand lager out of a wooden crate, while visiting a Kiwi bikie pub in South-East Queensland.

This came shortly after a traumatised Tamworth-based Merino ram came forward with allegations of mistreatment at the hands of the politician, and GetUp campaigners accused him of trying to turn the central Queensland Adani Coal mine into a giant Hāngī.


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