A local baby boomer, who’s previously struggled to really enjoy anything, has finally found something to sink his teeth into, after discovering that the Facebook has a page called DashCam Owners Of Australia.

64 year-old Derryn Jones, a pioneer of the DashCam craze, had tried numerous hobby’s over the years, including cycling, jet skiing and leaf blowing (both the shitty power tool and the musical gum leaf kinds).

Now though, Derryn’s finally found a national audience that’s capable of being as outraged as him at the shit he captures on his $1200 personal traffic surveillance system.

“I get a real sense of fulfilment and solidarity with every angry face that pops up below one of my videos” said Jones, sitting happily in the drivers seat of his customised Ford F400. “People need to see this stuff. These criminals need to be exposed. They’ll be named and shamed and then eventually the roads will be perfect and everyone will be driving just how I’d like them to”.

Derryn insisted on showing a reluctant Betoota Advocate some of his best work. “Look at this absolute moron” he began. “If he moved forward 3 more feet, I’d be able to turn left. This complete disregard needs to be eradicated. I’m still in talks with A Currinna Fair about getting this flog his own own prime-time slot.”

When asked for other ideas on easing traffic congestion and the cost of public transport, Jones just kind of yawned and went back to check the comments section.


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