Major TV and streaming networks have today vowed to fill a void left in the Australian entertainment landscape following the conclusion of the most recent on-screen depiction of the late larrikin Melbourne criminal identity,  Chopper Read.

With the Channel 9 Underbelly Files miniseries wrapping up on February 12, it is believed Australian audiences are already demanding another round of Chopper-related content.

Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read was an Australian convicted criminal, gang member and author. Read wrote a series of semi-autobiographical fictional crime novels and children’s books.

Even after featuring as the protagonist in his own fifteen different self authored book (both autobiographical and semi-autobiographical) – it appears that there just can’t be enough stories told that involve the man, according to a recent survey conducted by The Betoota Advocate.

“We just can’t get enough” says Bruce, a Betoota local that has even gone to see one of the live RSL shows he used to do with Roger Rogerson and other underworld icons, where they talk about all the crime they used to do.

“Make more shows and movies with Chopper in it”

“It never gets old”

Read was featured twice in the Australian true-crime series Underbelly. He first appeared in the fifth episode of the show’s second series, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, where was played by Renato Fabretti. Read later appeared as the lead character in the show’s seventh season, Underbelly Files: Chopper. The two-part miniseries focused on Read’s attempts at going straight after his stint in Pentridge Prison, as well as the beginning of his writing career and his feud with Syd Collins and underworld figure Alphonse Gangitano.

Despite Eric Bana playing arguably the best – and most critically acclaimed on-screen depiction of the alleged robber and murderer in the 2000 Australian crime-comedy-thriller titled Chopper, the character been featured in a growing-list of other productions. From rap albums to obscure comedy sketches.

“The Aussie hip hop album was awesome. It’s great to hear a real gangster rap out of time with over-colloquial lyrics” says another respondent, Shaz.

“That Ronnie Johns stuff was a bit weird but the Harden Up sketch was good”

“Also this new production only went for two eps. Why not a whole series on Chopper. From start to finish?”



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