An annoying bloke from work obviously doesn’t punt much, because he’s getting all worked up about making about 80 cents off a very safe bet.

“You put anything on Winx, mate?” asks Dion – an annoying bloke who often tries to talk about blokey stuff.

“Yeah. I did. Put a tenner on her. Jeez she had me worried for a while there…”

“But she came good in the last 400m”

In her 18th consecutive win over the weekend, the world’s greatest turf racehorse, Winx, has done exactly what she was destined to do, even after missing the start by five lengths.

Dion, who often likes to openly talk about the attractiveness of female colleagues to people who don’t know him that well, is now bringing a form guide to work.

“Yeah. Was at the pub with a few mates and saw Winx on the screen”

“So I put a bit on her” he said.

“It is one of the fastest last 600m sectionals they have on record at Randwick apparently – if not the fastest – but the wind behind certainly played its role”



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