The employees at Sydney’s A Current Affair are believed to be on the look out for Australia’s dodgiest tradies, hoons and landlords in a desperate effort to overshadow what happened at their own workplace today.

One reporter says that considering the fact that up to seven NSW police officers entered their building carrying evidence bags earlier today, they are now on the look out for some stories with enough hype to take the spotlight of the appalling situation that surrounds their program.

“We are getting back to work as soon as the police let us back in there” she said.

“We won’t let this particular incident, however horrific and concerning it is stop us from defending the rights of everyday Australians and exposing people doing bad things”.

Home renovations sites around the country are on high alert as it is believed the remaining ACA reporters who are not yet in prison will be scouring everywhere they can to find builders and contractors sufficiently dodgy enough to justify their show’s existence.

It is believed unreasonable landlords and loud neighbours are also on being encouraged to make peace, as many Australian families do not want any of these reporters going anywhere near their homes.





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