A group of hungover blokes at the West Betoota Sushi Train have dedicated roughly ten minutes of brainpower to discussing what the iconic Oriental-Australian delicacy known as the ‘money bag’ is made out of.

Drew, the most hungover, is convinced that the money bags are made out of some sort of meat product – however, the rest of the boys are convinced that the deep-fried entree is actually a vegetarian option.

“What this shit they tie them up with anyway?” asks Ben, who didn’t want to eat Japanese food today.

“Like, these things are tied up when they deep fry them hey”

With the group of four men opting to not eat anything that isn’t deep fried or consisting of chicken teriyaki, it is not yet known if any of them will ever get to the bottom of the puzzling mystery of hangover dining.

“They taste fucking good but” says Drew.

“It definitely isn’t fish… Maybe it’s just pure batter”

The conversation slowly steers towards how much of a sicko Ed is for mixing his soy sauce with wasabi, and liberally applying it to raw salmon.

“Mate, we get it. You’ve been to Japan” says Drew.

“That’s disgusting”






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