The recently-resigned Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale was allegedly stopped by police at an interstate airport with $50,000 in a bag a couple months back, just weeks before he fronted a press conference in his pyjamas and dressing gown to announce his career change.

Airport cops, with the assistance of dogs, allegedly pulled aside the Sicilian Stallion as he was leaving Melbourne to travel home to Brisbane, multiple sources have revealed.

“What is it with wogs and cash?” asked the airport official.

“I mean I see all kinds of shit coming in and out of here, but 50 grand is pretty suss, even for and Italian rolling through Melbourne airport”

“What’re you doing in Melbourne anyway? You know what, fuck it. Get out of here”

It is not yet known if this suspicious amount of money had anything to do with the mayor’s resignation, but journalists from Queensland Times say they believe it could easily be for a number things. Possibly for renovations, or shares in a ‘tomata farm’.


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