As one of two federal politicians who probably won’t be working again this term due to citizenship issues, former Greens Senator Scott Ludlam says he’s really loving the time off.

“It’s mad” he says, while tying a bandana over his recently-bleached yellow hair.

“I’ve been needing this for a while, hey. Last year was a crazy one”

The Commonwealth will argue only One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts and former Greens senator Scott Ludlam should be found to have been wrongly elected to Parliament at the last election.

They are among seven politicians facing the High Court, after questions were raised about whether their dual citizenship made them ineligible to hold office. Section 44 of the constitution bans anyone with dual citizenship from being elected to Parliament.

However, unlike Roberts, who will never ever get the opportunity to be a federal politician again – there is an argument that Scott Ludlam should just sit this next term out, renounce his citizenship at some point and then have another crack at winning his spot back in 2019.

“I plan on doing just that”

“Till then I’ll be playing shitloads of Sublime and tending to my ‘erbs” he says with a comedic Jamaican accent.

“I’ve spent a lot of time and energy on the Australian Greens, now it’s time to focus on Luddy’s greens [giggles]”



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