Well the 4th episode started off just as uncomfortably as the show can get, with Osher Gunsberg arriving to the Jock Mansion with a series of tasks that most jocks would delight in – proving their masculinity through physical exercise.

After challenge each other to a plank-off, the toxic masculinity that has so-far laid as latent as possible is put on show for all with a ‘change a tyre’ challenge, followed by a ‘put IKEA shit together’ challenge.

Next up is a cook-off, using Donna Haye-product placement packet mix cakes. The horribly cast mouth-breathers are able to briefly push their emotional issues aside as they compete for alpha status in the most unlikely of places, the kitchen! Ha ha ha.

Sophie also got forced to go on a date with one of the more personal-space-violating attention-seekers in the history of the franchise.

‘Uncle Sam’ the bloke that arrived on night one with his triplet nephews to really crank up the ‘awww factor’ – but looks like he has spent the last 20 years in a Peter-Pan hamster wheel of house music and high-quality Gold Coast MDMA – he really turns it on in a non-romantic way, and leaves audiences almost hoping for some sort of interference from the on-set security guards, as he tries to intimidate a kiss out of the Bachelorette.

Sophie, who we can only imagine has dealt with far bigger egos in Hollywood, is able to dodge his ratty Stafford Brothers fringe and forces him into a friend-zone cheek-kiss. Sucked in Sam.

As the episode wraps up, Sophie manages to ditch a contestant that hadn’t really been given much air time anyway and one that the audience was not even slightly emotionally invested in, his name was Bingham or some shit.



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