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The Prime Minister of Australia has told a number of Canberra journalists this afternoon that the cost of the post vote on same sex marriage has been ‘blown out of proportion’ as it’ll only cost twice as much as his Point Piper house is worth.

“When you think of it like that,” said Turnbull.

“It doesn’t sound like that much, does it? This is just more scaremongering from the Labor Party and The Greens. It actually won’t cost that much,”

“Aside from all the hate speech we’re going to expose the gay community to over the next could of months, this should all blow over and we can get back to doing our jobs.”

Mr Turnbull’s Felix Bay residence has been valued conservatively at $40m with some estimates reaching as high as $60m when the underground bunker is taken into account which houses the Prime Minister’s vast HO scale train set.

In addition to the alleged train bunker, the roof is set to be stacked to the rafters with gold bullion gifted to him after the Spycatcher trial by the Russian Federation.

More to come.


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