6 June, 2015. 18:34

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Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and his sworn personal and political rival, Tony Windsor have spent the last 45 minutes ‘stinking on’ in the Tamworth Town Hall car park, it has been confirmed.

This breaking news comes via ABC North-West NSW, who were the first to clarify that tonight’s New England edition of Q&A has been pushed back by half an hour due to the unruly behaviour of both Federal candidates.

It is believed that ABC producers had spent the day attempting to organise two separate entrances for both Joyce and Windsor, however a last minute communication breakdown meant that both the Deputy Prime Minister and the independent candidate’s respective Landcruisers arrived simultaneously.

Earliest signs of unrest came in the shape of taunting from the Windsor camp, with the 65-year-old former Member for New England shouting from the passenger seat of his campaign car.

“Barnabbyyy… Come out to play-eh-ay!” was heard, before an array of car horns and doors slamming.

The Minister for Agriculture was then seen opening the boot of his Toyota, before opting against picking up the tyre iron underneath his daughter’s netball sportsbag.

“You wanna go, old man?” Mr Joyce was heard shouting before Windsor responded with “I’ve been waiting three years young fulla!” – the two were then seen sprinting towards each other before wrestling to the ground upon impact.

This is not the first time the two political rivals have expressed their personal dislike for one another, and as Joyce insisted while being ushered back into his car, it “won’t be the last of it”.

After the physical altercation, which lasted the better part of an hour, both men were seen puffing heavily while being dragged to opposite ends of the Town Hall car park by campaign directors. Mr Joyce has been admitted to Tamworth base hospital with several knuckle fractures, while Windsor is being treated for teeth lacerations to the right elbow in his hometown of Werris Creek.

ABC producers have confirmed that after the initial confrontation, both men agreed to ‘play nice’ and were willing to go ahead with tonight’s original broadcast timeline – until a second melee resulted in Q&A host, Tony Jones, being caught in the cross-fire of a local policemen’s capsicum spray.

According to Tony Jones, “Windsor had the scariest look in his eyes” and Mr Joyce’s skin turned a “dark shade of red”.

“Amongst the 45 minute stream of expletives, there was a lot of talk about Shenhua mine. There also seemed to be a recurring theme of religious tension between the Anglican Tony Windsor and his poorer, Catholic rival,” said Jones.

“They kept promising to behave themselves but the moment anyone turned their backs they were straight back into it,”

“I’m pretty sure Barnaby was concussed at some point,”

The time and location of a rematch has not yet been announced, but both camps say they would prefer that the public broadcaster was not present when it takes place.



  1. I don’t know a lot of politician’s in person, but i do know Barnaby and he is from a small community in the bush, so i do have faith in him as do a lot of us, so i can’t say to him pull your head in, as a lot of us would have done the same as him, in that position. Don’t fault him on this it is a tough world and we all live in it.

    • Leeanne Williams sorry to say this but are you death, dumb, blind and not living on this planet. Barnaby has bought mass load of property right where Santos CSG Fracker has just been granted leases to Continue poisioning NSW water, land and air. Big Time Corruption and you stick up for him

  2. Well there u go,just when I said pollies have no balls,these two prove me wrong,good stuff,was Barnaby pissed again

  3. If this is the kind of people we have in parliament, we need a change ASAP!
    Not a good example!
    All our current MP’s should be sacked, and replaced with volunteers, who actually care about Australia and the public!
    All the public can see, with the current lot of MP’s, is the fact they only care about what goes into their pockets! And nothing for the public!

    • M I am with you! This is a disgraceful response by two grown men! Unfortunately, it is symbolic of just how much our two party system has degraded with career politicians.My view is that we need to sack the lot and replace them with genuine people who care. Any politician that has proven their worth to the community could be reappointed as individuals, not party members. Volunteers would do a good job! No more parties, no more factions, no more rigged pres-elections and no more donations as bribery.

  4. Tony Windsor is a straight shooter. Wonder why Barnaby bought all that land. I am sure he will sell it at a healthy profit.

  5. If this story is true, Barnaby Joyce is an embarrassment and not fit to be the Deputy PM of Australia. He should resign before his party has to push him. So not fit for office.

  6. I hope they are prepared to fight the unfurling Islamic invasion of our country with as much conviction and effort. already Australia allows Sharia Law to hold a position on certain family court matters. Mr Turnbull has added a sneaky clause into the budget allowing Arab money to enter Australia to buy public infrastructure and get a big taxation deduction on profits. Already Sharia banking is established in Australia for followers of Islam. People need to research Islam,Sharia Law, Halal, read the Quran as it shows the goal of Islam is Total World Domination, already happening in our country.


  8. Windsor’s last 10 seconds of fame ! Desperate loser being forced into retirement by a smarter, younger healthier man. If I were Baranaby I would have just ignored the old bastard. But he got sucked in ! Omg shame shame shame. Obviously Windsor intended to do this to the Deputy PM, I hope it never gets coverage.

  9. This is absolute bullshit. Do not publish stories unless you have actual proof. Tony Windsor is a 65 year old man and is not one to be getting into punch-ups. Plus, these are politicians, not school-boys. Check your facts before you lie to the public! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  10. Thats the sort of SHIT they talked about on Q&A. Instead of working for good outcomes for the people of Australia they fight over who made the f-ck up. Well I think we should have our say at the polling booth. You agree?????

  11. Is the date of this article correct? 2015.? Or is it incorrect journalism. Was it a good makeup job? I didn’t see any black eye last night.

  12. I do not mind two grownups settling their grievances in any way they see fit. But I do expect people in such high positions to be grownup enough to behave themselves in public. How these two are behaving I think is disgraceful and the voters should take note of this behaviour and decide if that is really the types of person you want in that position.

  13. The reporting is disgraceful, Barnabys bruise is from a charity rugby match played months ago & the tyre iron is a discusting low blow…

  14. Was windsor upset – Maybe barnaby pointed out the wind farm that wwindsor had built right on his boundary next to a neighbours property ?? In any case Windsor prostituted himself to that whore Gillard and now tries to paint himself as a saint. Fuck off Windsor = an opportunit and Labor whore.

  15. Make up bullshit, put it on social media and the sheeple muppet public will believe it .. And you wonder why the country is in the place it is .. FMD the believers deserve what they get

  16. Well as expected from politicians , anyone lashing out at the journalists your kidding me right ? Why would you attack at form of media which keeps us ( the voters who put these tardbuckets in the positions of power) informed? Good job on causing Joyce to be concussed its the least he deserves for what he did to the detention centres and trying to to keep it quiet before becoming deputy pm although I do find it astounding anyone would allow such an uncaring ratbag to remain in a seat of power

  17. Ummm, has anyone realised that the 2 guys on the ground look nothing like Joyce or Windsor? Plus, growing up in Tamworth & still going there regularly, that setting is certainly not the car park of the town hall. This story seems more like a big gee up than reality.

  18. This is an issue that is a concern to myself. Did they jump to the head of the waiting cue at the respective hospitals. I certainly hope they didn’t.

  19. Chuckles . . . Thanks Beetroot Avocado!
    P.S. Is Beetoota a typo descriptive of Barnaby in full flight?

  20. Tony (the Bull) Windsor


    Baranaby (Canvas Back) Joyce

    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3

    Bull 78 96 98

    Back 75 80 95

    Further rounds to be negotiated.

  21. Seems very petty if they let emotions get in the way of intelligence then we don’t have a lot to go on. Grow up boys you are no longer in High School

  22. OMG is this for real! I bet they get off with a slap on the wrist, now if it was a sportsman, they would hung out to dry. Shame on them both.

  23. I think it’s disgusting that two grown men in high profile positions go to these degrading lengths in public ,they should be given their marching orders ,we don’t need this sort of crap running the country GROW UP GUYS

  24. I’m with you Ben it’s about time someone did it for us and good on him I say well done Barnaby 👍🏻

  25. Go Tony Windsor. Joyce is selling out the bush to the mining industry. Anybody who supports Joyce obviously has no idea of the real politics of this country.

  26. Kick both these cock wombles out of parliament. They are a poor representation for parliament house and the Australian Public. Remember one punch kills.

  27. True or not these tossmonkeys do not deserve to be in politics. Not one in power (left, right nd center) deserves the money or privilege. Meant to be there for us not there own pathetic and devious schemes. Will not give any of the twats my vote. Sick of ozzy politics nd the wankers involved

  28. That’s neither Joyce or Windsor on the ground, so this is a beat up!
    Don’t forget that when Windsor sold out to the Werris Creek mine, I was led to believe that he then bought a big parcel of land in the Pilliga, right where they are doing the CSG exploration bit!
    He won’t be getting my vote!

  29. Disgraceful!! appalling!!
    Soccer mums at it again.
    shut up pussys, any man who will get into a good old fashioned punch on has my respect..
    Shows a little bit of heart, something needed in politics.

  30. FM, you losers commenting actually believe this rubbish, its BS folks. Barnaby would have finished it with one punch against that girly man anyway.

  31. I think the constructors award goes to Tony ” ya give me the shits know it all” Jones and the Q and A team for manufacturing this event. Have a look at what happened back in May on Q and A with that fraud re the tax cut issue. Windsor is all for himself and shock horror look who he is teaming back up with, can you believe it Rob Oakshot. OMG.


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