8 November, 2016. 14:34

IMRAN GASHKORI | Ball Sports | Contact

THOUGH THE MEDIA KEEP ramming the rise of Trump and US Election news down the throats of the average punter, a recent study has found only 11 people in Australia care about the result.

A combination of over-saturation and honest disinterest has been blamed for the lack of enthusiasm around election news, the study concluded.

The lack of a diverse format has also left viewers and readers alike feeling let down, with TV crews vox popping Trump supporters until one of them says something shocking and newspapers running highly-stylised editorials that take thousands of words of argument to conclude that Trump is bad for America.

“It’s just too much,” said Alice Carnegie, a 24-year-old Brisbane economics student.

“Coming into this election, I did actually have some vague interest in following it. But that soon disappeared when it was honestly all I ever saw on Australian news website. I don’t care anymore.” she explained.

Ms Carnegie’s sentiments were echoed by Nathan Decanter, who spends his Tuesdays throwing rocks at cars passing his Jimbooma home. The 38-year-old said his interest waned when he saw that both Trump and Clinton’s supporters were both being unfairly represented by each political side of the media.

“You’ve got FOX unfairly painting Clinton’s supporters as supporters of high treason and Israel, then you’ve got pinko propaganda rags like the New York Times comparing Trump to Hitler,” he said.

“I’m sorry, but until Trump starts rounding people up based on their religion and ethnicity and putting them in camps, he’s not that bad. I’m still on the fence,”

“I am but a simple man who enjoys throwing rocks at cars. This election has been too much for me.”



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