Shortly after being indefinitely released from his contract, Cronulla Sharks premiership-winning fullback Benny Barba has today been criticised for taking illegal drugs outside of the supervision of his club doctor.

It is believed that his teammates are also ‘off him’ because he didn’t tell anyone he had a bag and was being a hold out.

As reported earlier today by The Betoota Advocate, Ben Barba, has been let go after testing positive to cocaine four days after delivering the first NRL premiership in the club’s history.

Sharks CEO Lyall Gorman says obviously there is a history of illegal drug use in the club, but unless the banned substances are being injected into players by dodgy club doctors, it becomes a sackable offence.

“From my understanding, Stephen Dank was in a completely different city when Barba was ingesting cocaine”

“It was completely unsupervised – no one was there. We are even going to go as far saying that there wasn’t any other players there – because it is in our best interests to pretend that cocaine use is not common after winning a premiership”

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We, as suit-wearing corporate NRL employees, were not aware of the existence of cocaine until Ben Barba tested positive to it”

“Apparently it is a drug that is illegal”


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