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Often described as “Australia’s Drive-By” – the ram-raid is a variation of burglary in which a vehicle is driven through the windows or doors of a closed shop, usually a department store or jewellers shop, to allow the perpetrators to loot it.

The ram-raid is a universal method of robbery, however, over the last twenty years it has experienced quite a resurgence in Australia, following the Howard Government’s introduction of strict gun control laws in 1996.

Former Western Sydney career criminal, Leslie Boyd, says the “world has gone and got itself in a hurry”.

“Back in my day it was much easier,” says the 62-year-old, who hasn’t been involved in an armed robbery since 1992.

“We had a formula… Steal a car, walk in the front door, sawn-off shotty to the mouth, hands in the till, roll out, burn the car”

“Nowadays these poor young fellas have to fuck around with two stolen cars. One that goes through the front windows, and another on the street for the getaway,”

“Not to mention the fact that they need to trudge through a structurally unsound building with shattered glass everywhere. Its just flat out unsafe”

However, not everyone seems to feel the same way about ram-raid robberies.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the idea of driving a stolen car through the front of a service station with intent to steal cigarettes, scratchies and possibly an entire ATM, is a true testament to Australia’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“Our innovation agenda is going to help create the modern, dynamic 21st century economy Australia needs.” he said.

“The ram-raid is a perfect example of an industry that has managed to keep up, simply by changing tactics,”

The Prime Minister says it is a relief to see that even “the lowest rung” of society can prove themselves as contributors to his vague concept of an “ideas boom”.

“Unlike a mining boom, it is a boom that can continue forever, it is limited only by our imagination, and I know that Australians believe in themselves, I know that we are a creative and imaginative nation.”

“Ram-raids, and the perpetrators have proven that the entreprenuerial Australian still lives on in the outskirts of Australian capital cities. The Sir Sidney Kidman, R.M Williams, Frank Packer brand of Australian pioneers are still very alive,”

“I for one commend these men in their relatively non-violent ways


  1. Ram raids have nothing to do with innovation or ideas boom: they are a health and safety issue pure and simple.

    As a member of the public I am being robbed all the time; from energy suppliers, banks and a multitude of other purveyors of goods and services. Robbing people is so common place that it has become accepted. It is a way of earning a living.

    The armed robbery version of making a living, flamboyant and all as it is, fails on almost all criteria of health and safety. Like there can be a bit of blood on the floor and tellers develop post trauma stress related illnesses. However, a correctly executed ram raid spills no blood and nobody gets stresses out. Also, if done as an after hours activity there is less traffic congestion when the police arrive.

    If as much attention to health and safety was paid to by large scale employers as is by these creative individuals then the world would be a better place. Amen!


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