One Nation has today revealed that their populist anti-immigration party is struggling to find headlines in 2020, as Federal politics and media prioritise real news stories about bushfires and public health emergencies.

The mere fact that state and federal politicians are now being forced to actual do some work to contain the outbreaks of COVID-19 and provide support to bushfire-ravaged communities right across the nation, has rendered Pauline Hanson and her cronies of conspiracist racist climate change deniers completely useless.

Furthermore, One Nation has been thrown deeper into the dark abyss of irrelevance today, as new data shows her age-old platform of anti-immigration and xenophobia

The property market continues to falter as coronavirus keeps the international borders closed indefinitely, a policy that the far-right political parties could only have dreamed of six months ago.

Along with the collapse of the property market, also comes the collapse of construction in general.

Research released on Monday by the federal government’s National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation forecasts that demand for housing could be cut by between 129,000 and 232,000 dwellings over the next three years in a development that would hit the vital construction sector.

Australia’s largest exporter, education, has also taken a hit, after China reacted poorly to the ‘Kung Flu’ rhetoric peddled throughout the global news cycle by Murdoch commentators and The Morrison government.

Chinese students, which make up close to 300,000 of the high-paying temporary foreign students in our nation’s universities, have been urged by their government to avoid Australia at all costs, unless they want to get bashed at the supermarket by rednecks. This has also left a huge hole in the Australian rental market, as those towers that keep getting built in the capital cities no longer have anyone to rent rooms in them for $800 a week.

However, a spokesperson for One Nation says that Pauline Hanson will continue to wait quietly in the ranks until their is a public housing block full of vulnerable immigrants and elderly people that she can vilify as drug addicts who need to be left to die of respiratory issues caused by COVID-19 because they shouldn’t have been poor in the first place.

“Short of that, she might just wear a burkha into Parliament again.” said the spokesman a former Murdoch reporters who got fired drunkenly tweeting that the Jews are responsible for the firearm buyback.

“Or she’ll go on Sunrise to deny that the Stolen Generation ever happened, or she’ll go on to admit that it did happen and needs to happen again.”

“Or she’ll break down on 60 Minutes saying that she should never allow so many opportunistic men to take advantage or her and her party, while also advocating to destroy the family courts because women are liars.”

“Or she will come out again and say that vaccines cause autism and gayness.”



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