“There’s human beings in there!” shouted ABC political analyst, Antony Green.

“Ma God”

“Ma God”

“Stop this!”

“Look at the devastation!”

“Look at the human rubble!”

Green, one of Australia’s most respected political commentators, made these comments on live television earlier today, following the WA Premier’s most recent press conference.

Mark “Stone Cold” McGowan was tagged in to the ring yesterday, in the ongoing ‘Tables, Ladders, Chairs’ match between the State Premiers and the Prime Minister – where it seems just about every news story and quarantine restriction can be used as a weapon.

McGowan immediately jumped over the top rope, providing much needed respite for Queensland Premier Annastacia “The Rock” Palaszczuk, who has been sparring with the Federal Government over border closures for weeks.

However, before McGowan even had the opportunity to grapple the masked ‘Liar From The Shire’ – the opponent’s head was already rolling around his shoulders after Palaszczuk’s knock out blow last night.

In what is now remembered as “The Slaughter On The Border” – Palaszczuk told the media last night that the Prime Minister would not be allowed to enter Queensland without completing two weeks hotel quarantine, which he would have to pay for himself.

That was before the rejuvenated WA Premier entered the ring today to declare that the state and territory leaders “are not children for Canberra to boss around”.

Mr McGowan says he is unhappy that the discussion about international arrivals was playing out in the media ahead of the National Cabinet meeting on Friday.

Stone Cold said he felt “ambushed” by the Commonwealth’s request to bring in 2000 international arrivals a week, after finding out about it through a journalist at a media conference on Wednesday.

The WA premier then powerbombed the Prime Minister onto a timber fold-out table by accusing the commonwealth and Border Force of ignoring their legal responsibilities to protect the states from further outbreaks

Antony Green says with a vaccination suspended just out of reach above the wrestling ring, he is unsure of how long this match will play out.

“Less than 30 cases in Victoria, today” said Green, before an explosion of broken glass echoed across the arena.


“Ma God!!”

“Someone get the Prime Minister out of there!”


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