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Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced today that the nation has burned through $100 billion protecting Boomers and their lovely parents from a super flu.

Only time will tell if the young people of Australia will get value for their spend, says Mr Frydenberg, as they’re the ones who’re going to have to pay for it.

“All of this money has gone to making sure the people who vote for us didn’t cough themselves to death before the next election,” he said.

“It’s been an expensive exercise,”

“We could’ve approached this from a more Swedish, pragmatic direction but I don’t think we would’ve been very popular with anyone after that. But the government would’ve saved billions of dollars in the long run. Imagine all the pensions and things we wouldn’t have to pay. One can only dream,”

“But at this point, the damage has been done and it’s time for state and territory leaders to stop being petty and reopen the country – and the economy,”

“Human life is valuable but we’ve certainly taken the piss here.”

More to come.


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