In a bold move by Chris Minns, the NSW premier has announced a 3 month ban on anyone that had a holiday in the northern hemisphere this year on entering a Sydney beach, to allow those that stayed in Sydney all winter to enjoy the sun.

The controversial move was made after the state government received information that a record number of people had a Euro summer this year, while the rest of the state’s honest, hard working citizens spent the winter keeping the place afloat.

“It’s a fairness thing, it just doesn’t seem right that someone can enjoy the beaches of Croatia for a couple months and simply return home to enjoy the beaches of Sydney, it just doesn’t sit right with me, or many others in the state.”

The decision has divided the state. While many people are saying it’s a breach of their individual freedoms, many more are welcoming the decision as nothing less than sweet justice.

“I’m all for it, do you know how many people I had to watch on Instagram eating amazing food and going to the beach, while I was working in the rain?”

“I just makes sense, the beaches are crowded enough as is, we don’t need these free loaders taking up more space, they had their summer already.” Said Betoota resident,  Jake Campbell (25).

The ban on potential beach goers has sparked debate as high up as the United Nations Human Rights Council as the Premier has suggested an ankle monitor system to make sure no one goes against the beach bans.

“It’s quite simple really, anyoone who’s been to Europe this year will have an ankle monitor strapped to them to make sure they don’t go to the beach, anyone returning from Europe currently will be met with an ankle monitor at the airport, upon arrival.”

The harsh move is largely welcomed by most Australians that had to put up with months of people rubbing their Euro trip in other peoples faces online.


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