A local boomer who often laments that the younger generation “doesn’t understand how the world works” recently found himself in a rather embarrassing predicament when he eagerly clicked on a pop-up internet ad that promised a “free iPhone.” 

Barry Plant (68), often criticizes the younger generation for their laziness, lack of basic life skills, low attention spans, horrible work ethic, bad money saving habits, offensive style of dress, over sensitivity and all in all sense of entitlement. But today Barry Plant made a mistake most of the younger generation assume no one has ever made, not even once.

While trying to find out ways to watch his favorite tv show, M.A.S.H, online and for free, Barry was greeted with an exciting offer.

A free Iphone, all he had to do was to give over his details.

“It’s a no brainer really, a free Iphone?! , you don’t see that everyday now do ya?” Barry recounted.

What Barry didn’t know was that he is now in the databases of scammers all around the world that have identified him as a gullible boomer to scam, he also installed several viruses. 

While Barry’s computer health and online identity has taken a huge hit, he believes his initiative is actually a lesson that millennials and gen Z could take on board.

“The average young person these days wouldn’t know good luck if it smacked them in the face! when an opportunity like that comes it’s way you have to take life by the horns and see where it takes you.” Barry says.

It’s still not known if Barry is aware that no Iphone will be arriving to his house anytime soon, but Barry has a little skip in his step these days with the thought that he can finally upgrade from his 2006 flip phone without having to hand over a cent.

“That’s the thing the youth don’t understand, they’d rather have their $8 latte’s and spend thousands on a brand new phone, they don’t realise they can just get these things for free if they browse the net hard enough!”


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