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In a boozy spectacle that defied both time and sobriety, a group of Filipino mates left their neighbors bewildered as they expertly crooned Ja Rule and Ashanti’s ‘Mesmerize,’ heavily intoxicated and blind at a 3am karaoke session.

“Nesto and his crew were off their faces,” chuckled Marjorie Thompson, a neighbour who listened the spectacle.

“But their rendition of ‘Mesmerize’ was surprisingly on point. It was like they channeled their inner Ja Rule and Ashanti after a few too many.”

The mates, whose identities remain a mystery, embraced their inebriation with gusto.

“It was next-level drunken karaoke,” remarked Karen White, a late night dog walker who stopped to listen.

“They were so smashed, but their singing was oddly flawless. I’ve never seen such commitment to a song, especially at that hour.”

The choice of ‘Mesmerize’ added to the surreal atmosphere, with the mates navigating the song’s lyrics with surprising clarity despite their intoxicated state.

“It was as if they were possessed by the spirits of Ja Rule and Ashanti,” said Barry Johnson, another neighbour.

“I couldn’t help but be impressed, even though they were clearly under the influence.”

As the night wore on, the mates continued their alcohol-fueled serenade, leaving the neighbourhood in a state of amused disbelief. Their audacious performance, delivered while blind, challenged the conventional norms of karaoke, redefining the boundaries of musical expression in the wee hours of the morning.

In a town where Wednesday nights are usually quiet and neighbours salty and standoffish, the showcase of amateur talent offered a rare moment when neighbours could just appreciate something for what it is.

“You’d never get this in Sydney,” they said.

“Cops would’ve put the dogs on everyone down there.”

More to come.


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