A local woman is today being given a lesson in Boy Math.

The impromptu crash course on the value of the dollar in the mind of a degenerate male comes after she started bragging about a deal she found.

Doing some research ahead of a girl’s weekend, Betoota Heights woman Bianka Blazer stumbled across what she thought was a sensational food and beverage deal.

The deal in question is a bottomless brunch for 120 Australian rupiah, which involves a three course share meal that won’t be topped up and unlimited cocktails which will take a minimum of 20 minutes to arrive.

Lasting for 90 minutes, the bottomless brunch also includes unlimited orange juice and passion pop or house wines of your choice.

“Babe, that’s a pretty good deal when you think about it,” said the young woman as if she’s not aware you could order a case of coronas, a large pizza, garlic bread, a chocolate pudding and a pack of darts for that price.

“Like I’ll actually get value for money,” continued Bianka, who plans on drinking 4 or 5 cocktails, picking at some food, ordering a couple of full priced cocktails, ordering a surging Uber, ordering McDonalds to be delivered to her door as she arrives home, then attempting and failing at some form of intimacy before falling asleep half way through her chips.

Amused at the rationale for the outing, her boyfriend decided to point out why it might not be as great value as she expects.

“You know you could get a case of beer and a pizza for like 70 or 80 bucks,” said her slob of a boyfriend who’ll probably lose a bottomless brunch or two across his various gambling accounts during Bianka’s outing.

“And you don’t have to consume all of the drinks in 90 minutes, you can finish the case across the whole afternoon and evening.”

After pondering the delightful offer to consume a weeks worth of carbs in one sitting, Bianka pointed out one undeniable benefit of bottomless brunch.

“You can guarantee all the girlies actually get pissed, and that, is priceless.”

More to come.


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