In an ironic twist of fate, the persistent low battery beep of a smoke alarm has become a daily reminder to local woman Linda Thompson (27) that, despite the minor inconvenience, she actually has much bigger problems on her plate than replacing the batteries of her smoke alarm.

Like many, Linda has found herself in the classic situation of having a smoke alarm with a low battery. The random, high-pitched beep, known to drive even the most relaxed individuals to the brink of madness, has become nothing less than a soundtrack to her life.

“I don’t even hear it anymore, whenever I have guests they remind me but once they leave the house I completely forget.” says Linda.

While many would say the task of replacing the batteries of a smoke alarm is a simple one, Linda feels she simply doesn’t have the time and has a lot more shit she needs to do before she gets batteries.

“It’s like those weird square batteries, I don’t even know where to get those things. I’ll do it eventually, I still have to sort my car rego out.”

Linda’s smoke alarm beeping has become somewhat of a reminder that it’s the least of her worries and her life is too much of a mess to bother with stuff like the occasional beep.


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