1 February, 2016 13:35


The fugitive known as “Boo-boo” has today handed himself in to officers at Darwin’s Border Force headquarters, after spending more than half of his life on the run.

After arriving in Australia in late 2015 as a prenatal asylum seeker, Boo-Boo came to the attention of authorities are being officially documented in an Australian hospital, with two other illegal boat people – who were being monitored at the time for seeking mainland medical treatment for a human right that could not necessarily be afforded to them on the sweltering island detention centre of Nauru.

The party managed to avoid being transferred to Nauru after Boo-Boo was able to successfully hide in a Darwin Hospital incubator, where he managed to blend in amongst the other infant children born in Australia.

Boo-Boo, alongside the two associates who claim to be his parents, have been at the centre of a highly political and bureaucratic manhunt since his birth in mid-December.

A photo that was today tweeted by the NT Police shows Boo-Boo lying on his back in a Federal Government holding cell has been met with praise by millions, including ministers from both parties as well as xenophobic citizens who are willing to put the lives of infants at risk so that they can continue living in a contrived NewsCorp mindset of national safety.

Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton says now that Boo-Boo is in custody, Australians can finally get some sleep.

“Boo-Boo is not a modern day Ned Kelly. He is a criminal and one that we should not glamourise,”

“I mean, sure Boo-Boo is from a poor migrant family, one that has been forced into breaking the law because of an oppressive police state – and yes he has been on the run with several alleged family members who just want the best for him,”

“But he is not an Australian, like Ned Kelly was,”

“Despite the fact he was born here, in an Australian hospital… He is a threat to national security,”

Mr Dutton went on again to explain, for the second time since his appointment to the most universally hated cabinet role, that “he will not be blackmailed by human decency

“I’ll tell you what I’ve been telling the howling apparitions that moan ‘shame’ at me during every waking hour of my existence: I will not be made to feel guilty for following the correct legal procedures.”

Boo-Boo is expected to join 37 other infant children, 160 adults, including his alleged parents, and another 50-odd older children in the boat back to the under-resourced island state. All were brought back to Australia from offshore centres, mostly for medical treatment.


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