Michael McCormack has finally spoken out about John Barilaro’s brazen attempts to get himself a bit of rep this week, saying, he’s not actually to blame.

The Deputy Prime Minister who tried to blame the Black Lives Matter Protests for Melbourne’s second wave earlier this week (something that every single expert has said has no factual basis) – has doubled down, today blaming the movement for corrupting the NSW Government.

“No, John and the Nationals are not to blame for deciding to try and score some cheap political points and destabilise a sitting government in the midst of a global pandemic,” said McCormack to The Advocate this afternoon.

“It’s the Black Lives Matter protestors fault,” explained another culture wars warrior who tries to act like he’s a man of the people through pushing issues that people at the Murdoch newspapers tell him everyday people care about.

“There’s a clear link between their agitating, and the Nationals deciding to take a stand for regional and rural Australians over an issue very few people actually give a fuck about.”

“If you can’t see that, well then you are a deranged inner-city leftie who doesn’t understand that the Nationals are for the salt of the earth people, despite the fact we regularly sell them out to multinational resources companies, large irrigators and out of town private contractors.”

When we asked how the BLM protestors were able to cause the huge rift in the NSW Coalition, McCormack appeared to stumble a bit.

“We got another soy boy here have we?” he finally said before hanging up the phone.


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