The NSW Police have today announced changes to their engagement with the rugby league community, after NRL Curtis Scott was cleared of all wrongdoing with the emergence of shocking police bodycam footage of his brutal arrest.

The 22-year-old was arrested on Australia Day when police found him lying unconscious in Centennial Park, where he had pulled up to take a nap after a big day on the squirt – before being assaulted, tasered, unlawfully handcuffed and pepper sprayed, while unconscious.

The NSW Police have followed their usual protocol by refusing to offer an apology, but have announced plans to rush former NRL journeyman Willie Mason through an accelerated policing course in Goulburn.

A spokesperson for the police says that by bringing on Willie Mason as a rugby league community liaison officer, the force hopes to gain insight into how to engage with this unique playing group.

Mason, who has himself experienced an array of media beat-ups and off-field sensationalism, says he looks forward to providing the coppers with the advice needed to know how to de-escalate a situation involving a wasted league player.

Mason also says that when dealing with drunken rugby league players, the key is to not act like a fuckwit.

“In fact, these cops are probably lucky he was as drunk as he was. We all know the boy can throw him”

“The thing is, he didn’t throw em, and they still charged him for throwing them”

“This is quite indicative of the discrimination rugby league players face at the hands of the overzealous and uptight NSW police. I look forward to changing that culture one jagerbomb at a time”

Curtis Scott was hit with five charges, including assaulting a female police officer, which was a news story that was leaked to the predatory Murdoch press before the Canberra Raiders centre had even sobered up the next morning.

This particular example of unbridled police brutality, which took place in the centre of Sydney, to an elite sportsman, has really given the general public quite good insight into they keep accidentally killing innocent Indigenous people who never get a headline.


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