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Laughing off the suggestion that he’s completely and utterly detached from modern Australian society, the Prime Minister was spotted at a local beach in his electorate wearing his favourite AC⚡DC t-shirt.

Telling following journalists that he ‘simply had a brain fart’ yesterday on Triple M Brisbane where he was unable to name a single Acca Dacca track, Malcolm Turnbull said he knows plenty.

“I have a penchant for their For Those About To Rock album, I regard it to be one of the finest pop-rock records of all time,” he said.

“Today I’ve also chosen to wear my favourite AC⚡DC shirt in memory of Malcolm Young, who I understand recently passed from some sort of ghastly ailment. Terrible business, that. Anyway, Vale Malcolm and I send my condolences to his family and friends,”

“I trust you’ve got enough to write your articles and produce your news packages. Yes? OK. Fuck off now, I’m going for a swim. I’ll see you all in a few weeks.”

However, a number of music pundits have concluded that the PM was wearing a Metallica t-shirt.

Speaking on-the-record to The Advocate, local record store owner, Poncho Dickman, said that ‘he wasn’t surprised’ with the gaffe and talking about only makes him die a little more on the inside.

From the counter of his Old City District music shop, Dickman said the Prime Minister needs an education in classic rock and he needs it now.

“Come to think of it, why should he even bother,” he conceded.

“I mean, the bloke clearly doesn’t like rock music. He’s probably into some creepy shit like chamber baroque or something perverted like that. I’m not about to ram T-Rex down his throat, just like I don’t expect him to ram Bach down mine,”

“If he said he like Metallica more than AC⚡DC, it probably would’ve gone a bit better for him. At least he’s not a self-described ‘ABBA Man’ like Christopher Pyne is.”

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