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Though he’d tell himself he could bat a bit, Courtney Walsh would often walk out into the middle, misread the first ball and be on his way back to the pavilion all within a few minutes.

A number of local Young Liberals explained to The Advocate that they’re feeling the same right now.

“We didn’t really expect this, to be honest,” said Gracey Henry, president of the South Betoota Association of Young Liberal Nationals.

“Though Maranoa voted No on the whole, the wider Betoota community obviously voted Yes as we saw this morning. Frankly, I don’t know how to feel about this. We were all so confident we represented to feeling of the majority of local young people,”

“Turns out we misread this one. I think we are now in danger of being on the wrong side of history. Jesus, there are photos of me a No rallies on the internet. We even had a book-burning one night. I wonder if this will negatively affect me in the future?”

Echoing young Gracey’s sentiments was Angus Ponsford, a mildly popular former school prefect who campaigned heavily for same-sex marriage to remain a socialist pipedream.

He told our reporters that he feels threatened.

“I don’t feel comfortable speaking my mind in public anymore,” said the 29-year-old.

“Or privately for that matter. My speech is no longer free. I feel marginalised and unheard. This is simply not fair. I thought their campaign was for equality,”

“Please leave our meeting, please. Our parents are coming to pick us up.”

More to come.


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