Mutiny against Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is now in the open, with backbencher Ken O’Dowd speaking out on his way into Parliament this morning.

This comes as a result of the public backlash Nationals are facing from their constituents about the way he has handled his marriage breakdown and new relationship.

However, things are only getting worse for Mr Joyce, as another prominent affair is brought into the limelight.

ABC Four Corners can reveal that Barnaby Joyce has also fucked the Murray-Darling basin.

The Murray–Darling basin is a large geographical area in the interior of southeastern Australia. Its name is derived from its two major rivers, the Murray River and the Darling River. The basin, which drains around one-seventh of the Australian land mass, is one of the most significant agricultural areas in Australia. It spans most of the states of New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory, and parts of the states of Queensland (lower third) and South Australia (southeastern corner).

Allegations of water theft and meter tampering in New South Wales aired by the ABC’s Four Corners program have prompted the Commonwealth Auditor-General to expand an investigation into the Federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, a job that was held by the Deputy Prime Minister up until his citizenship saga last year.

Sources inside the National Party have confirmed that Barnaby Joyce has been ‘fucking’ the Murray-Darling on the side for many years now, but unlike his most public affair he has been using protection – namely the cotton blue bloods in North New South Wales.

However, this particular affiar isn’t Barnaby Joyce’s number on issue right now, as the media vultures begins to circle in on his baby mama drama.

But Nationals Cabinet minister and member for Betoota David Littleproud demanded Mr Joyce’s critics should “put up or shut up” and to “stop being so gotdam Vanilla about a bit of rooting around”.


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