Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has told Liberal MPs that he will keep standing up for Liberals who are “feeling a bit let down and disenfranchised”  by a lack of focus on the religiously conservative issues that resulted in him being replaced by Malcolm Turnbull in the first place.

Analysts say you’d be a mug not to think that the former Prime Minister is attempting to win over enough old white men in the Liberal party to overthrow the current Prime Minister.

“Because we do not want the more traditional or conservative Liberals to leave the party and join some other party,” he said in a video obtained by the Daily Telegraph.

“Because one thing we do know is, old grey-haired no-name backbenchers definitely hold enough weight in their electorates to win another election without the backing of the Liberals”

“So of course they would definitely be thinking about it”

“This has nothing to do with the fact that I still wake up screaming when I dream about what happened on the second libspill during my eighteen months as Prime Minister”

Tony Abbott says Malcolm Turnbull is not focusing enough on climate-denying or religiously motivated policies that oppress women and gay people, because that is what the Liberal Party stands for, despite the fact the Liberal Party ousted him for paying so much attention to these issues in the first place.

“What’s all this “climate change is real” nonsense. It’s a horrible ideology”

“It’s really affecting the everyday Australians that I go cycling with in the North Shore of Sydney”


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