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A sales executive from a niche East Betoota tech start-up broke down late yesterday afternoon and confided in The Advocate in the smoking pokies at the Betoota Dolphins Leagues Club and said he didn’t know if his boss would ever be satisfied with his job performance.

Jack Carter, 23, sells e-commerce software that tracks purchases and traffic and other technical things of that flavour, to internet retailers and consumers alike.

Though he’s currently on a paltry base salary, some of the commissions he made this year have been quite healthy for his bank account – and his employer’s bottom line.

However, his boss has said that there’s always room for the forlorn Libra to grow.

“I just want my boss to come in and say, ‘Mate, I think you’ve sold enough this month. How about you go and lie down in the park this afternoon?’ or something like that,” he said.

“But no, I land a huge client, bring like $100k in business through the company and all he says is something condescending like a ‘cheers mate’ or a ‘good on ya champ.’ What a fucking fuckhead,”

“Sometimes I just want my life to be validated by someone other than my parents.”

Mr Carter then brought his emotions under control and apologised for lashing out so publically.

Shortly before our reporter was asked to leave the premises by security, Carter put a pink lady through More Chilli, did a $5 bomb and hit the feature.

More to come.


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