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The head of the National Rugby League’s [NRL] Diversity Unit has empathised with his AFL counterpart, saying that if he committed a similar, sickening assault on a player, he’d probably be promoted.

Though he said he never would, Milo Georgiou explained to The Advocate that the cultures are quite different between the two sporting codes and that if somebody of his 66-year-old vintage was seen to be biffing on with someone on the field, he’d be lauded as a hero of the game.

“While I don’t condone what he did, he coward punched some poor bastard and left him out cold, that’s pretty dog if you’re asking this old Maltese sports administrator,” said Georgiou.

“But yeah, if I was back having a run with the Newtown Jets like it was 1976 all over again and I bombed some mouthy prick, they’d chair me off the field like a gladiator and give me a big promotion. This is why I love, but ultimately fear where the sport is headed,”

“We live in strange times, but it is what it is, then you die.”

The Advocate reached out to the NRL for comment on the claims made by Mr Georgiou and they were able to confirm that he would indeed be promoted and be chaired off the field like a gladiator.

NRL CEO Todd Greenburg told our reporters that while they’d have to publically discipline the 66-year-old former scrumhalf, but internally, they’d be yelling his name in a funny voice while slapping him on the back to congratulate him on being a legend.

“Mate, if Milo cleaned a bloke up at his age, it’d be a huge fucking pissa, mate,” said Greenburg.

“Oi but maybe, but probably nah, we’d have to hang some shit on him publically to appease the Bronte socialists who support the Roosters, but that’s about it. Milo is a fucking machine, though.”

More to come.


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