Local apprentice, Hamish Hickey, has today shocked his entire worksite by debuting a customised toolbox in the centre flat tray of his lowered 2004 Toyota Hilux.

After finally securing an apprenticeship with a local builder, the aspiring chippy has gotten overexcited by three seperate paychecks checks in as many weeks.

“I just took out a personal loan. It’s only had one owner before the guy I bought it off” he says.

“It’s mad hey”

Having already learnt that his modified vehicle is unable to carry wheelbarrows or shovels without using straps, the 18-year-old is also about to realise just how inconvenient it his having to climb onto his ute tray every time he wants to grab something from the toolbox.

“He’ll still be paying this thing off well after he’s gotten his ticket” says one the foreman on the South Betoota residential development.

“By the time he has fucked up his cab with cement shovels, no one will ever look at this thing for a resale ever again”

“Unless he can find some other moron schoolie to buy this thing off him in the next 6 months”


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